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Liwal Limited is a well established GIS and IT company operating from Kabul, Afghanistan since 1992. Liwal Limited is the Sole Authorized Distributor of Esri in Afghanistan since 2005. The GIS division caters to all aspects of GIS especially its integration with other IT systems and applications. Esri is bringing GIS to the world and Liwal is proud to offer Esri products and services in Afghanistan.

Liwal offers a unique combination of advanced geospatial technologies and is pioneer in full pledge GIS in Afghanistan. As an official Esri distributor and authorized Training Center for Afghanistan. Liwal is focusing on GIS Technology in the public and private sectors by providing Esri products and certified trainings. Liwal also provides professional services for the development and implementation of Geographic Information Systems and can undertake any project in the field of GIS and Remote Sensing through its working relationships and partnerships with world class partner companies.

For more information or for any questions about GIS solutions and services, please email us at
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